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MAGGIE DANKO (Past Treasurer extraordinaire) 

To me, YNTA has been an amazing opportunity to grow as a Registered Nurse, and as a leader. Through YNTA, I have met some of my closest friends, and have had the chance to share amazing adventures with other like-minded individuals. My experiences travelling and volunteering with YNTA have allowed me to increase my knowledge and awareness of various global health trends and issues, and have constantly renewed my love of nursing. YNTA has given me a space to allow my leadership skills to grow, and to work with other young nursing leaders. 

Lindsay Brouwer 
The YNTA foundation started off as a place for me to connect with like-minded nurses in my own community who wanted to push for more out of the skills and knowledge they had learned in school. Little did I know that these people would ignite a sense of passion and desire to help further a change in the ways we view global health, as well as in our own nursing culture and communities. YNTA has helped give me the tools and opportunities I needed to become both a leader and effective mentor in the nursing world.

Maria Clonfero
Young Nurses Take Action started out as a venue for me to explore the
world while using my nursing skills and knowledge in a new and often
untraditional way. The experiences I had while abroad with YNTA were
so much more than just travel adventures! These volunteer trips forced
me out of my comfort zone and helped me to gain perspective and
appreciation for different cultures and health inequities that exist
globally. Through YNTA, I was exposed to a network of nursing
professionals who were determined to be change agents in many
different areas of health care. The group was always inspiring and
diverse, and I continue to collaborate with YNTA members on local
initiatives. The relationships and determination of members are truly
what make YNTA such a success, and I know there are bright things in
the future for YNTA and its members.

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